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The “secret” is...we're fixing chocolate. Little Secrets is reinventing the original chocolate classics we all loved from childhood with irresistible, sustainably sourced chocolate, wholesome non-GMO ingredients, and way more flavor!

Little Secrets was founded in 2014 by Chris Mears, inspired by his sweet tooth and his desire to make a better version of the classic chocolate forms he grew up loving.

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We reinvented chocolate classics by using high quality, fair trade, all natural flavors and ingredients while getting rid of all the bad stuff. The end result is just like you remembered...only way better!


Yes! All of our products are made with Fair Trade Certified chocolate, certified by Fair Trade USA.

Glad you asked! When you choose Fair Trade Certified products you’re voting with your dollar – supporting income sustainability, worker empowerment, community development and environmental stewardship. At Little Secrets we've partnered with Fair Trade USA to ensure all of our cocoa was produced according to rigorous fair trade standards that promote sustainable livelihoods and safe working conditions, protection of the environment, and strong, transparent supply chains. Please visit to learn more about the Fair Trade Certified program.

All of our colors come from natural sources. We use turmeric to make yellow, beet juice for red, spirulina for blue, pumpkin, carrot and radish for orange, and red cabbage for purple.

Our Dark Chocolate Crispy Wafers, Almond Butter Crispy Wafers, Peppermint Crispy Wafers, Sea Salted Almond Pieces and Peppermint Pieces are all verified by the Non-GMO Project. We use non-GMO ingredients in all our products, and we are hard at work to verify the rest of our products with Non-GMO Project. Stay tuned!

Our Dark Chocolate Crispy Wafer, Almond Butter Crispy Wafer, Sea Salted Almond Pieces and Peppermint Pieces do not contain any dairy.

Although none of our products are certified vegan, many of our products are made with no animal byproducts. Our Dark Chocolate Crispy Wafers, Almond Butter Crispy Wafers, and Salted Almond Pieces do not contain any animal products. *They are manufactured on shared equipment with products that do contain dairy*

Our Chocolate Pieces, Dark Chocolate Crispy Wafers, Milk Chocolate Crispy Wafers, and Almond Butter Crispy Wafers contain soy lecithin, an emulsifier from soybeans that gives chocolate a smooth texture when processed from the almighty cocoa bean. Our Cookie Bars and Peanut Butter Crispy wafers are free from soy.

Many of our Chocolate Pieces flavors are gluten free, but are made on shared equipment with wheat ingredients. However, our Crispy Wafers, Cookie Bars, Peanut Butter Pieces and Mint Chocolate Chip Pieces do contain wheat and are not gluten free.

Yes! Our Chocolate Pieces are OUD Certified by the Orthodox Union.

Yes! Many of our Chocolate Pieces and Crispy Wafers flavors contain palm oil that has been sustainably sourced.

No, some Little Secrets products contain peanuts and/or almonds. All Little Secrets are produced and packed in facilities that manufacture products that contain peanuts and tree nuts. All allergen information can be found on the product pages.

While none of our products are designed to be low in sugar, many of our products have significantly less sugar than the "originals". Our Dark Chocolate Crispy Wafers, Almond Butter Crispy Wafers, and Peanut Butter Crispy Wafers all have 30%+ less sugar than the leading brand.


You can find a store near you using our Store Finder. Simply enter in your zip code and select desired products to find them near you. If stores near you do not have Little Secrets, you can purchase from us directly at or on our store at

Our store finder is powered by store-level data and is refreshed every 4-6 weeks. It’s possible that we may not have any distribution in your area, or may be sold out. We recommend using the Store Finder as a guide, and to optimize your next shopping trip you may give the store a call to confirm they have us in stock. If your stores don’t carry us, talk to your local store manager during your next visit. You can also purchase from us at or on our store at

Our Peppermint Pieces and Peppermint Bark Crispy Wafers are available in store for a limited time only and unfortunately may be hard to find outside of the holiday season. Luckily, we have Peppermint Pieces in stock on our site HERE

Unfortunately we made the difficult decision to discontinue this product, and it is unlikely you will be able to find it on shelves or on our website at this time. We recommend trying our Sea Salted Almond in Dark Chocolate Pieces instead!

Yes! We are available in a limited selection of Walmart Stores across the country. Find a Walmart Near You!


While Little Secrets is a very small company and unable to provide as many product donations as we would like, we are always happy to support when we can! Reach out to us at today to learn more.

Yes! We currently offer our products through national distributors such as UNFI and KEHE, and we are also partnered with regional distributors. Since our items need to be shipped temperature controlled we require a mixed pallet for direct business. Reach out to us for more info!

You can change and cancel your subscription through the account you made when you placed the order HERE. You can change your subscription contents, frequency, quantity, or cancel your subscription.

All orders will receive shipping confirmation along with tracking information once their order has been fulfilled. It may take multiple days for the tracking information to go live. If you see that the shipping provider is having difficulty delivering or shipping the package, please contact them directly through the contact form on the carrier's website.

For optimal product experience, we recommend storing our chocolate in a cool and dry place (50º-65º F), and kept out of direct sunlight.

We want every experience with our product to be sensational, and are bummed when this isn't the case. If you have an issue with any of our products, please reach out to us directly at and we will resolve the issue ASAP.

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